The patented ZeroShake technology has enormous potential in a mobile video application such as the ZeroShake app for the iPhone and iPad. We are constantly improving the implementation and adding new features, all unique to the ZeroShake framework.
But the opportunities for ZeroShake are far greater than as seen in just our iOS app. We aim to offer ZeroShake for all major operating systems and in the future make ZeroShake the industry standard used in all optical and digital moving image stabilization systems. Expect to see the familiar ZeroShake User Interface on the display of many types of recording devices, from smartphone to professional film camera.

For us to achieve these goals we are now actively searching for skilled people to join us. So this is your chance to become part of the founding team of the ZeroShake venture. If you are ready for an awesome challenge, willing to commit to the development and introduction of a new game-changing technology, and are not afraid to work at odd hours, then let us know today!

Most urgently required is a person with extensive knowledge of sensor fusion techniques, such as a DCM filter, Kalman filter or Madgwick filter. You eat quaternions for breakfast (or lunch, we don’t like to start early!) and can even do the necessary experiments and programming in iOS, then join us as a co founder. On offer is huge potential, an awesome challenge, and an equity share that matches your commitment.

Engineers with extensive knowledge in the computer vision field, specifically image stabilization, experienced app programmers (iOS), and app marketeers are also welcome to drop us a note. We may ask you to join our team, either as co-founder or one of our first employees. (And yes that also includes vested equity!)

We are now set up in Thailand (sun, water and beach…), but your present location is not important. Neither is your age, gender or ethnicity. Eventually we will decide on a more permanent company location either in Asia, Europe or the US.

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