The ZeroShake technology

ZeroShake – The Virtual Tripod

The invention, which brings to perfection all existing video camera motion compensation systems, and allows new features never possible before.

ZeroShake is an invention which dramatically improves the functionality of existing motion compensation and autofocus systems in video cameras.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just tell your video camera what to do? To achieve a 100% still image you would say: “Now compensate all motion”, to achieve a smooth panning movement, you would say: “Now maintain speed and direction”. To refocus only when you start panning, you would say: “Lock focus until I start or finish panning”.

This fantasy becomes reality with ZeroShake, and the user intuitively uses the motion compensation and autofocus systems of the video camera.

Please view the presentation below, in which is explained how ZeroShake knows the intention of the user, and thus how it is able to create perfectly still images and smooth panning.

The ZeroShake stabilization technology is patented in the USA (11/003,871), India (3217/DELNP/2006) and China (200480035409.1).

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