ZeroShake media kit

You may download the complete ZeroShake media kit here. It consists of;

ZeroShake App Icon

 ZeroShake application icons;
ZeroShake logos and banners;
ZeroShake application screenshots, including versions displayed within the device;
Recent ZeroShake press releases.

ZeroShake logo

If you run a ZeroShake story or publish a review, then we’d love to hear about it. Please notify us via the contact form on the press page.

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Below are two sets of ZeroShake example videos, which can be used in online articles or reviews. Screenshots of the application associated with these themes can be found in the media kit file.

ZeroShake girl, with stabilization and effects.

ZeroShake girl, without stabilization or effects.

ZeroShake boating, with stabilization and effects.

ZeroShake boating, without stabilization or effects.

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